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Growth for me has never been an imagination. It has always been a distant reality. When we found D.A.S. Visa consultants we already achieve one milestone.

Now it’s time to take the D.A.S. Visa to the next level which provides the easiest process along with the client’s benefits. We plan to focus not just only task to complete but also we focus on building the trust to gain client rewards along with pure heart transparency.

Who we are

D.A.S. Visa consultants are one of the fastest and most trusted for foreign education and immigration consultants in india. We believe in nurturing globalization, through the promotion of overseas education transversely borders. It has a vision of providing 360° services that prides itself on providing before and after visa arrival services.

We believe that no dream is too big and no case too small, when it comes to abroad drams. We believe in promoting and working towards a borderless world and where knowledge is wealth. It is these beliefs that runs and encourage us to constantly stretch away from the ordinary and to keep on resuscitate ourselves to provide the best consulting services.

We are happy to grow to this height in such a short period of time with no way resting on our success. We have many breathtaking diversity and innovations in the channel, and are planning to widen our discipline and immigration services in many countries.

The business we have been developing is united effort by the team. The adherence and efficiency of the team have promoted the company to becoming the first choice of education, immigration and accompanying service in this industry. My team is my enormous belongings and we could not be more proud to have such an admirable group of people working with us.

We are promising to provide hassle-free process.


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